Wednesday, April 4, 2018

new version 2.2.1 released

  • New feature (only for donors): Added an option to open a connection from the menu bar (Preferences->Connections->Show connections in menu bar)
  • Minor improvements

Portable Edition:

Mirror: Google Drive

SHA256 (.ZIP): E4CC55F14320E069DFB2B2A6C9EF91BF79AA97AC4BEF684B3021D8BF5BA86408

Installer Edition: WinSSHTerm-2.2.1.msi

Mirror: Google Drive

SHA256 (.MSI): EE7D434D61DFF381F5E79E24060D020B347FA31B8937EAD1C5D03DCD0CA1A7BA


  1. This winsshterm.exe version is seen as a malaware (WS.Reputation.1) from Symantec EndPoint Protection version 14 and is quarantined.

    1. I've just re-uploaded the WinSSHTerm.exe to Virustotal and it is clean, as you can see here:

  2. Where is the download for the 1.x version? I do not like the nagware that is 2.x :(

    I guess I'll look for different software and will no longer be recommending WinSSHTerm in the IT communities I frequent.

    Unless you tell me that the 2.x is no longer nagware.

    1. Hello Jeremy,

      thanks for your comment, I removed the download links for the old 1.x version because it doesn’t make sense to use the old version any more.

      I realized that I’ve made a mistake when I implemented the nags (frequent donation pop-ups) in order to get more people to make a donation. I removed the nags in version 2.1.2. So you can use all newer versions in the same way as 1.x (without nags) - there are however some premium features, which are only available for donors.

  3. Oh that's awesome!
    I was hoping that's what had happened, but was a bit distraught that I couldn't find the installed I downloaded last year, and then couldn't get it here. I will most definitely update my friends and associates with this information. WinSSHTerm is a great interface and is just nicer than some of the competition.

    This was a good move for WinSSHTerm. Perhaps you can find a tactful way to announce that you have removed the nagware on the blog's home page. It would have saved the confusion, and hopefully will draw more users!

    I have a very limited need, and PuTTY itself is often what I use, but it's nice to have the tabs. I will be considering going premium once I test out 2.x again, even though I don't need the premium features. (Or at least I don't know that I need them!)

    Thank You for the reply, and the quick response, and for keeping 2.x free of nagware!