This tool will help you to migrate your existing remote SSH configuration to WinSSHTerm:

Download zip on GithHub / Project site on GitHub

Following configuration sources are supported:
  • PuTTY 
  • PuTTY Session Manager
  • MobaXterm
  • SuperPuTTY
  • mRemoteNG 
  • MTPuTTY 
  • PuTTY Connection Manager 
  • KiTTY 
  • Xshell 
  • SecureCRT


  1. Is there utility to convert from ZOC terminal session to WinSSHterm?

  2. Hi,

    I have a bunch of connections setup on one of my computers with WinSSHTerm though I would like them on another. I understand I can do a "File > Export Shared" on my PC. However this does not allow me to save changes to these connections on my other laptop (which for instance has my private key in a different location). Is there a better way of doing this.


    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback. I've answered your question on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/WinSSHTerm/comments/cgfi8m/use_shared_connections_file_different_private_key/

    2. Took a little while to get to it sorry. However, just tried it and it is awesome!!! Thanks heaps :)

  3. It would be awesome if winSSHterm support migration from Xshell

  4. xshell 6 I am trying to use your migrate program I am in the sessions dir and it gives an error - 'utf16' code cant decode byte 0x0 in position 3264: truncated data. what do I need to do?

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  6. Great tool, but i'm missing the tunnels feature through SSH

  7. First time user...looks like a great tooL!

    Is there a way to create a connections file via script? I just want to create a file and the connections be present when i open WinSSHTerm. I use this for new builds at customers and would like to script that for each customer rather than manually importing. Even just a CSV input file would be fine.

  8. Trying to import XShell 7 sessions - getting error "type object '_io.StringIO' has no attribute 'StringIO'"