Sunday, March 17, 2024

new version 2.33.3 released


  • Bug fix: Reconnect issue when using a variable for host/ip
  • Applied basic validation for connection configuration to "Cons"
  • Preferences window: Notify user when variables with hidden values are defined without using a master password
  • Backup: Show some information in case an error occurs when saving to file

x64 Portable Edition: (https download)

SHA256 (.ZIP_X64): F5FD581BE00FBD717C1798A781659E51C437E9CA97D5B4D4E818FFA72B8654F2

x64 Installer Edition: WinSSHTerm-2.33.3-x64.msi (https download)

SHA256 (.MSI_X64): 85F5958AE627259A9EB31FCEFF7C881190E328EA532969C50567C1981ABCB71E

arm64 Portable Edition: (https download)

SHA256 (.ZIP_ARM64): 58785CB711201377D6CE9DCC6A74C16E79BDDBF4BE5261738CE9AA5AB13827E2

arm64 Installer Edition: WinSSHTerm-2.33.3-arm64.msi (https download)

SHA256 (.MSI_ARM64): 46ED925B35AACAC1B74D3CCFC070CCD93B1E21C987569AB367BCC8211D9BC7D6

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