Monday, February 19, 2024

new version 2.33.0 released


  • Basic validation for the connections configuration, added a new option (File->Preferences->General)
  • Script Runner: By default, PTY allocation is now enabled for plink (see new option File->Preferences->Misc->Script Runner)
  • WSL Starter: Each stage "install", "setup_ssh" and "startup_ssh" can now have commands with different executables
  • Copy files: better path detection when reading from clipboard
  • System fonts now loading on demand to reduce startup time

x64 Portable Edition: (https download)

SHA256 (.ZIP_X64): D554FCD3791A84ACBFE89F2DB9F7EFB91AD993B8CFEDD1B6D60293D89EA2822F

x64 Installer Edition: WinSSHTerm-2.33.0-x64.msi (https download)

SHA256 (.MSI_X64): 446B9DB2959ADA5469DA33E7F8CDF6FD163DB984FF7D03D2B81552F7EDB8FB14

arm64 Portable Edition: (https download)

SHA256 (.ZIP_ARM64): 50F24EF15066000E7D4067F238764E214B000E95F5F9AC292BAEF9FE7B81E2A0

arm64 Installer Edition: WinSSHTerm-2.33.0-arm64.msi (https download)

SHA256 (.MSI_ARM64): CDFE106D2A2FCD0AAC9D273B5D1F81482F58FFC9CAA5635B705694C7B378953F

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