Wednesday, September 29, 2021

new version 2.17.0 released


  • Copy Files: New option to use WinSCP's native tunneling feature (File->Preferences->Copy Files->Global Settings)
  • Copy Files: By default, WinSCP's option to "Optimize connection buffer size" is now disabled
  • Connection groups are now listed in the "Cons" menu

Portable Edition: (https download)

SHA256 (.ZIP): 1253FAD384DDD0ACDA93F45DEBAB58A04490EC31EF8325DCE2F20AE5B78A0DC1

Installer Edition: WinSSHTerm-2.17.0.msi (https download)

SHA256 (.MSI): 3ABE594AFD9907D3B65CAF6ABA7E56178315E539BA98D7EC3E84CE02F7C9E2DC

64-bit Portable Edition: (https download)

SHA256 (.ZIP64): 9905D87C4CC6596DFCD78DF78E171E2AEB63AF93309C644E47D4BCB63EA39A17

64-bit Installer Edition: WinSSHTerm-2.17.0-64.msi (https download)

SHA256 (.MSI64): 9511B966DC552E1E8D4AF69636A89FAA5387A4D64F809A55C46BA49DA8FD2F33