Monday, November 23, 2020

new version 2.14.0 released


  • New option to remember the last triggered connection in the search window (File->Preferences->Misc->Search)
  • New option to automatically follow the tabs in the connection window (File->Preferences->General)
  • Bug fix: Search window not preselecting any window in some cases
  • GUI: Enabled double buffering for some child windows where drawing performance is not critical to prevent flicker
  • GUI: Changed background color of dock panes when using the dark tab mode to reduce flicker
  • Minor changes to the GUI


  1. Thanks for the new release!

    An idea to improve "Cluster Mode" usability:
    menu option, on right-clic over a folder, to add all the elements from that folder to Cluster Mode.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi, thanks for the new release.

    Just wanted to let you know the download gets blocked in newer chrome releases and i think the only reason for that ist that you link from an https site to an http site for the download which is "insecure"


    Insecure: You tried to download a file or program that wasn't secure but was started on a secure page. In some cases, you can choose to download anyway.

    1. Thanks, you should be able to download the files from the Google Drive download links.