Tuesday, June 30, 2020

new version 2.11.0 released

  • New field "Custom Id" in the connection configuration. Its value will be found by the search tool (Navigate->Search)
  • Added support for the XML attribute "Expanded" in the shared connection file
  • Minor improvements to the error handling for shared connections files
  • Minor improvements to the code that sends messages to the PuTTY/KiTTY terminals
  • Bug Fix: Changing the protocol for Copy Files resets the connection SSH port to 22

Portable Edition: WinSSHTerm-2.11.0.zip

Mirror: Google Drive

SHA256 (.ZIP): F27CD9C54913D3833C5BE3510AC9399DFEA48375533AD1E91D9DF9B15E3CEC3A

Installer Edition: WinSSHTerm-2.11.0.msi

Mirror: Google Drive

SHA256 (.MSI): 18BF8E91B99352DF08EC5AEA882B64C54CF524D27ED0EA312C5E58F991657D30

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