Tuesday, October 10, 2017

new version 1.12.9 released

  • Bug fix: The layout got reset after updating WinSSHTerm
  • Persisting preferences and connections now more robust to system crashes (see point 14 in the FAQ section)

Portable Edition: WinSSHTerm-1.12.9.zip

Mirror: Google Drive

SHA256 (.ZIP): 95D92BB176A30563CE384862AD8C9F2E2FC7B552CEB3AFF896EFD2A5B4C5FB2B

Installer Edition: WinSSHTerm-1.12.9.msi

Mirror: Google Drive

SHA256 (.MSI): 510CC698CBA24BB2141FDA62938AD89B7732579900526CA899CEA6C510671BA5

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