Sunday, April 17, 2016

new version 1.0.5 released

  • Workaround: taskbar not hiding in fullscreen mode


  1. I just discovered WinSSHTerm and it looks like a great tool. One thing which could be missing is the ability to close sessions (or mark them as closed) once the server breaks the ssh connection (reboot for instance). As of now, there is no way (that I found) to realize that a session is dead.

    Also - would it be possible to support kitty? It would bring great improvements over putty (particularity broken session management).


    1. That's true, as PuTTY lives in its own world and I'm only embedding it into WinSSHTerm, there's afaik no way to get the information when a ssh session breaks. To me it's not a problem, but maybe it's because I'm mainly connecting to servers locally in our company's network. I never used KiTTY before. I'll check if I can add support for KiTTY. Thanks for the hint.

    2. There is now KiTTY support in WinSSHTerm (>=1.2.0). If you are happy with it I would be thankful if you like me on